Thierry Lasry: Art You Can Wear

Created to correct eyesight issues or protect our eyes from harmful rays of the sun, glasses or eyewear have evolved into a style statement for individuals of all age groups. It is no longer a practical accessory but something that elevates one’s looks just like the most coveted handbags or stylish stilettos. In this niche fashionable eyewear market, several players have come up offering a blend of uniqueness and quality but Thierry Lasry‘s sunglasses and optical eyewear stand tall among these innovators. The brand is achieving a near-monopoly status in the eyewear space for its extraordinary designs that scream artistic appeal. 

Thierry Lasry is a Parisian which makes him predominantly creative by his upbringing–  No wonder he is taking eyewear to a whole new level. Born into a family where his father was an optician and his mother was a designer, Thierry imbibed both creativity and vision into his genes. In 2006, he launched his eponymous brand with a mission to elevate sunglasses from mere eye protectors to eye-catching fashion accessories. 

Thierry stands out in this industry for his deep-rooted inspiration drawn from his childhood love for colors and geometric shapes. The extravagant fashion shows of iconic designers like Claude Montana and Thierry Mugler also fascinated him. He poured this inspiration into all the designs he created making each Thierry’s sunglasses a handcrafted piece of art. Each frame has been made painstakingly with the finest craftsmanship techniques combined with unparalleled traditional know-how. The acetate used in the products is sourced from the reputable Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli. 

One of the signature aspects of Thierry Lasry‘s designs is the clarity of lines that perfectly complements the bold geometric shapes and the unexpected bursts of colors further accentuate the overall appeal of these art pieces. These sunglasses are crafted with a sculptural process by adding extra blocks of acetate to the back of the frames. It adds an intriguing depth and dimension to each piece. Another distinguishing aspect of Thierry’s designs is the absence of logos or any visible brand identification mark. Thierry’s creations reflect the signature of the brand symbolizing sophistication and exclusivity without words or signs. 

Thierry Lasry boasts of discerning clientele who possess a distinctive sense of style and appreciate artistic nuances. This premium eyewear brand has been flaunted by numerous celebrities such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Madonna, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Usher, Travis Scott, Offset, Future, Russel Westbrook, and P.J. Tucker, who are renowned for making bold style statements in every public appearance. 

Thierry Lasry’s eyewear is a work of art you can wear as an accessory. Whether it’s the avant-garde sunglasses or the chic optical eyewear, each piece is a fusion of innovation and style. The frames are not merely functional but expressive of creativity and individuality. His passion for creativity has made Thierry Lasry synonymous with high-end eyewear. 

Committed to uniqueness and creativity, Thierry Lasry aspires to continue pushing boundaries in craftsmanship to become a go-to choice for those who seek more than just eyewear. He wants to make pieces that don’t only make a style statement but transcend trends in the fashion world. As he seamlessly blends utility and artistry in his sunglasses and optical wear, Thierry Lasry is cementing his brand at the forefront of the industry, catering to an exclusive client base that has a fetish for the finer things in life.

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