One Piece Live-Action Continues to Season 2

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The official Twitter account of the successful “One Piece” live-action by Netflix just unveiled exciting news for the fans as the second season of the adaptation is now green-lit.

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While remaining faceless and talking through a real-life Den Den Mushi in an announcement trailer, the maestro Eiichiro Oda himself confirms that the live-action sequel will be in production. Along with the update, an illustration starring Chopper is shown, indicating that the live-action will cover through Drum Island arc where Straw Hat Pirates meet and recruit their iconic reindeer doctor.

Netflix’s live-action take on One Piece has become a massive curiosity and intrigue ever since it was released. The rumor is that the script for the sequel has been written at the moment, and the surprisingly pleasant confirmation is a testament to the growing enthusiasm for this ambitious project by, the Netflix production crew, the fans, and Oda himself.

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Once again with Oda’s creative influence and promise of more adventures, fans can look forward to further exploration of the Grand Line in this exciting adaptation which should be detailed and updated more in the future.

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